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New Construction Homes

The Northwest suburbs of Chicago are in a boom and as such there are not only existing properties on the real estate market but there are also new homes being built on a regular basis that find their way on to the market too. Through the contacts we have built up with builders and contractors in the area we find out about these new developments very early in the process.

In order to protect you and your interests, we need to register with the builder(s) on the initial visit.

It is not uncommon for builders to ignore the customer’s needs and their financial protection when it comes to contracts. If you have no experience in dealing with these contracts it can be difficult to ascertain what is a good contract and what isn’t. We have this experience and willingly review the paperwork before you sign it.

Our services will cost YOU nothing. Also, agent’s fees are paid by the builder’s corporate advertising funds, and not the sale of the home.

When assisting in the purchase of a new home we continue the following services:

  • Evaluate all aspects of a builder’s service, experience and expertise.
  • Evaluate house plans to determine the viability of the design and if there are any preferential changes that could be made.
  • Evaluate the surrounding area and determine traffic flow, educational facilities and anything else deemed important.
  • Evaluate plans and determine whether any upgrades could be made cost effectively.
  • Evaluate the builder’s contracts and other paperwork.
  • Be on hand for any questions you may have throughout the process.
  • Regularly visit the site to ensure there are no potential problems while the build is underway.
  • Walk you round the house before everything is completely finalized.
  • Ensure the steps of closing run smoothly.

Nearly ¾ of people who buy new homes choose to do so without the assistance of an agent. The builders on site will have an agent, but unless you employ an agent yourself you will not receive one.

Avian Realty will gladly work on your behalf when you buy a new build. We will evaluate the builders and check their reputation as well as negotitate the contract on your behalf. And, don’t forget, this will not cost you a cent.

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